The Geopark of Central Catalonia allows us to get into a territory shaded by the rock massif of Montserrat, which will offer little magic spots full of our history. Gastrolonia is all we are really like: hot-headed but methodical, and we suggest you to taste the flavours of the Bages in a genuine way.

Instead of pairing the dishes with wine… what about doing it with live music by a songwriter while we let our imagination run free? What is more, let’s be even more unconventional by starting with the desserts instead of the starters…

Meeting point will be Castellbell i el Vilar, one of the best viewpoints to Montserrat, with a nature corridor that links the only two nature parks of central Catalonia which form the lungs of this second metropolitan ring. After a little welcome, we will enjoy one little Geopark’s treasure, an innovative dessert by chef Julià.

We will next climb up the road towards Rellinars, to find a little restaurant run by two entrepreneur women who pull the strings of this unique, intimate space, and who handle local product in an exceptional way. We will taste their platillos -saucers- accompanied by wine from the PDO Pla de Bages and pairing them with acoustic tracks.

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Castellbell i el Vilar

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From 60€ per person