Josep Albert Planes Ball states, in his book Legends of Montserrat, that peoples’ higher and most powerful architectural constructions, the most refined sensitivity of a poem or the wit of the most daring engines that a culture creates are -as the result of a time and a place- crossed by a somehow magic element: imagery.

Imagery is engraved in every thing mankind makes, in every word they write and speak, in every path they walk.

This is why we invite you to discover the tales and legends of this mountain -Catalonia’s symbol- while walking in the Central Catalonia’s Geopark.

We start our visit in Santa Cecília de Montserrat, where participants will enjoy free parking. A guided tour through the old monastery will reveal the way the artist Sean Scully blends his art with the place’s spirituality, and links it with his personal experiences.

On the way down the mountain towards Castellbell we are going to hear those legends that shape Montserrat’s history in collective imagery. Montserrat’s mountain, with its extraordinary pinnacles and its spiritual wealth, has been the source of tales, legends and myths. With a little help from the giants’ family  Regira-Rocs, we will tell you the fabled stories of the Enchanted Friars, Mansuet, Captain Testafort, or the myth of the Haystacks.

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