Maybe the most common thoughts about Montserrat are the Black Madonna, the “mató” cheese or the children’s choir singing the “Virolai” himn. But beyond the thousand-year-old monastery site, Montserrat is a mountain of almost eleven kilometers long and four wide. This trip allows seeing how complex and fascinating is Montserrat. The first day we move west to east until the monastery, rounding hundreds of spires, going up and down on the southern side. The second journey lets us come back walking under the big walls on the northern side of Montserrat, a completely different landscape from the previous day.

It is not a trivial trip. We pass very narrow places for very air passages by ravines that make us lose the sense of direction … We will climb once more helping hands, or grasping branches and roots. But everything is perfectly available for people with a good physical condition.

For compensation, Montserrat will give us back some stunning landscapes, maybe some wild goat visit or discover a plant that comes directly from the tertiary age…

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